Headed to Colorado

Colorado is my birth state. I have entertained the idea of moving back for many years. The decision came when I realized that I can do anything with my life right now, so why not do something a little…exotic? If there is one time in my life that is prime for taking risks, it’s now. I have a finance degree and I want to work in an industry that excites me and ignites my curiosity.

I’m convinced that Colorado is leading the way for our country in many categories, not just with marijuana. The lowest obesity rate in the country, low unemployment, tiny houses, and the natural beauty of the mountains are pulling me like an intercontinental tractor beam.

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Lastly, a couple thought provoking videos.

Hong Kong

Part of me can’t believe I’m still here, and the other part isn’t surprised at all. The last few weeks have been spent job hunting and networking. I fully expect to be here until January, beyond that I’m not sure. I’ve had a couple interviews so far, both went very well but no offers yet.

Here is a short clip from The House of Dancing Water in Macau last month.

Shot with the iPhone 5s

I. Love. Hong Kong.


Relaxing in my tiny room on the 26th floor of a skyscraper in Kowloon


Been on the road for 34 days. I have grown so much in that time it is impossible to convey in a single post. I probably should have been posting updates periodically but caved to the convenience of Facebook and Instagram. Luckily I am still writing in my journal nearly nightly and have yet to post even a fraction of the photos.

My flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles leaves in 10 days but I won’t be on it.  A couple of weeks ago I decided Hong Kong is the place I need to be right now. By my calculations I should be able to stay until the end of November before I start to run dangerously low on cash. Legally I can stay for 90 days without a work visa. I declared my commitment by purchasing a laptop; figured it was impractical to research companies and work on my résumé via cell phone or public computer.

Right now I am spending the majority of my days doing three things:

1. Eating

2. Working out


3. Meeting new people people every chance I get!