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I bought a spiral notebook to help record my thoughts, ideas, and plans as I prepare for this trip to Hong Kong. Hopefully this will help my future posts become more interesting and useful.

To me, it’s clear that life is one big experiment. As a child I always loved science experiments, sports, nature, and of course food! Many people seem to lose touch with the things there were passionate about as a child. I refuse to let this happen to me. I refuse to “grow up” and become boring. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have always been pretty independent. This trip is a test to challenge myself to find a way to utilize my passion for experiments, sports, nature, and food with the hope that these experiences will mature me into a more well-rounded person.

This little gem was saved by my mother and included in a scrapbook for my high school graduation day. I think it’s pretty obvious this company turned a profit in the first quarter.


I have been saving for this trip for quite some time. I keep reminding myself that every $1 will bring much more enjoyment to me when spent outside the US. It’s going to be strange not having to work or go to school. I will be dedicating my time and money to learning the language and culture of Hong Kong in many different ways. I will do my best to document my struggles and success with the hope that it will be funny and helpful to others.

In other news, I had some basic business cards made via Vistaprint almost completely free. These have already been extremely useful for connecting and keeping in-touch with new acquaintances.

Business Card

Much more to come.


Foundation is a project started by one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Kevin Rose. He interviews some brilliant people and asks the types of questions that stimulate interesting discussions related to tech, entrepreneurship, and life in general. I highly recommend these interviews to anyone who has an interest in starting their own company.

If you follow your passion you will be successful while enjoying what you do.

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Last September I had an amazing opportunity to visit Maui with my Godmother Vickie. The only downside was that my senior year at The University of Central Florida was just about to begin. I went to the first day of each class, picked up the syllabus, and hopped on a plane to Maui. A funny thing happened when I returned to Orlando. I was elevated to a new level of motivation that I had never experienced before. I became intensely focused on finishing up my finance degree so that I could have another adventure like Maui. Even after I had missed an entire week of classes, I finished the semester with the highest grades of my college career.