Who is this?

My name is Troy. I am from the wonderful city of Niceville, Florida. Yes. Niceville is a real place. Ignore the jokes in your head trying to claw their way out, we’ve heard them all.

I have just graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors in Finance and all I want to do is explore our world.





2 comments on “Who is this?

  1. davidson says:

    What a great picture!

  2. Philip N. Cole says:

    Before departing on an “epic” adventure” overseas, Dillon and I vow… not to let lousy weather or people, ruin our trip. Expect the unexpected, be spontaneous,be alert… have fun.
    Whoa! I omitted a boatload of “stuff” from this missle… was about to embark on a National Geographic essay.

    A favorite quote, “I want to put a ding in the universe”. Steve Jobs.

    Travel well and may God bless & protect you.
    Don’t stop dreaming.

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